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How we design our life is a powerful mindfulness practice enabling us to steward what is necessary  & meaningful depending on one's life stage and context.   Learn to align and tune in.  This is done by establishing Sankalpa Sanskrit: संकल्प meaning a specific intention formed in the heart mind, with a solemn vow to perform the action steps required. The success of this practice builds will power, discernment & determination to overcome obstacles & challenges.  

“If someone wishes for good health, one must first ask oneself if he is ready to do away with the reasons for his illness. Only then is it possible to help him.” ~Hippocrates


  • Consult your doctor:  make sure movements, lifestyle suggestions are appropriate for any injury or health issue you may be working with... in general the modalities should compliment one another- not replace. 

  • Be Committed to practice:  the patterns did not surface overnight.  Diligence, time invested in noble practice is required to tip the results to positive and create the conditions to support total health:  mind, body and spirit.

  • Practice with the Group:  once you know modifications that support your individual landscape and circumstance connecting with like minded community is mutually supportive, don't try to do it alone.      

  • Continue Education:  Join in on workshops programs with like minded wellness community to support your personal goals and bigger gains.  Don't put " it "off and make pain or sickness get you to classes, be pro active.  

  • Acknowledge:  your HEALTH is your WEALTH!

TO SCHEDULE *priority given to students attending classes regularly and have taken the time to develop the important step of healthy teacher /student relationship, phone consults available.

Private Session requires a commitment by both participates that involves honor, sincerity and dedication to the journey of transformation.  In the context of YOGA it is a process of allowing and revealing the truth of this profound wisdom tradition... co-creating accessibility & embodied experience while strengthening true HEALTH.

The main job is to help edit - in essence we just need to refine key techniques in the unique terrain of our personal landscape, addressing the wholeness of our BEING physically, emotionally, mentally while honoring SPIRIT.  




"The purpose of all Wings of Knowledge is to honor & connect one to their Essential Nature in the Field of Metta".


text (541) 944-7740


*  please text to get on waitlist, not taking new clients at this time

  • Reflexology is a holistic way to release tension & nourish the entire body. 

  • Reflexology gently works on the feet by stimulating over 7000 nerve endings to help calm the nervous system and encourage natural healing function.

  • Benefits include improved circulation, immune function, reduces anxiety, promotes emotional equilibrium and best of all encourages deep relaxation.    

COST:   $95 per 60 minute session


  • Reflexology+ N.S.R Session 

  • Reflexology+ CHAKRA READING 

  • Reflexology +YOGA Asana suggestions based on session

COST: $120 per 75 minute session

PRIVATE Yoga & Consultations

  • Design & or modify a personalized yoga, movement, meditation practice that grows with you: refine alignment & clarify practice inquiries.      

  • The mind called manas in Sanskrit that informs the practice is the driver- holding the map to the set intention, alignment is crucial. 

  • Heath & Wellness Consultations: lifestyle education, great for those working to improve eating habits, women's health issues.  Learn essential daily & seasonal routines that support overall mind/ body wellness

  • Specialized Cleanses: optimized with unique & amazing herb packages.  Seasonally appropriate, gut healing,  working with Nature not against. Regenerative for entire body. 


$110 private consult 60 minutes Discount 3 pack $300 *must be used within 4 month period. 


  • This unique modality provides insight into where prana is blocked on the physical, emotional or mental layer of the midbody. Technique is done with a pendulum- over the 7 chakra// energy centers of the body.  Energy work is not a substitute for proper medical or therapy treatment & care, rather a complimentary support.  After pendulum we go over strategies for each area that is experiencing loss of energy.  


$150 initial session 75 minutes

$120 follow up sessions 60 minutes

*Always consult with your doctor if you are working with underlying medical conditions before 

making huge shifts to diet, movement practices and lifestyle suggestions 


text (541) 944-7740

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