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Drop In $20 per class

5 class pass for $8*with 2 month expiration based on first start date

10 class pass for $150 *with 4 month expiration based on first start date

 Collective Classroom


11am-12:15pm Elemental Flow & Restore w/ Adrienne​​​​​​​​​​


9:00- 10:15 am Essential Form Flow w/ Melissa 

10:30-11:35 am  Gentle Stretch w/ Melissa ​​​​​​​​


11am-12:15 pm Gentle Stretch w/ Adrienne​​​​​​​​​​​

4:30- 5:50pm FULL MOON PRACTICE  w/ Melissa 

Restorative Bliss 

COST: $20 

Feb, 21, March 27, April 24, May 22 & June 19

Thursday *no class  4/18

9:00- 10:15 am Essential Form Flow w/ Melissa ​​​​

10:30-11:50 am  NEW MOON PRACTICE w/ Melissa  

Mindfulness, Breathwork & Meditation 

COST: $20 

March 7, April 4, May 2, & June 6th

1:30-2:45pm Adaptive Yoga w/ Adrienne​​​​​

Friday * no class 4/12

11am-12:15pm Mindful Somatics w/ Adrienne ​​​​​​​​​​​


Honoring our diverse community:  

  • Bring your own mat *Blocks, blankets & strap are available at studio to borrow.

  • Class size is limited to 18 total students per class

  • Be healthy if attending, with no recent sickness  

  • All students must sign waiver to participate. 

  • Turn cell phones off or leave in your car



Gentle inquiry into the riches of the posture/ asana practice, re-patterning movement while tapping internal intelligence, appropriate for beginners as well as seasoned practitioners who like slow, detailed instruction, with modification options. Gentle on the joints.  


Restorative Bliss 

A well loved class to unwind from the accumulation of daily life and chronic stress. Blending stress relief sequencing with restorative postures that create deep tension release for your mental, emotional and physical body.  All levels welcome including beginners. Slow is GOOD for everyone, weekly if possible.  


Essential Form *Flow

Appropriate for all levels, class moves methodically addressing beginning to advanced inquiries into the practice discovering links to multiple planes of experiential action of alignment=breath, body and mind.  A unique exploration into the subtle aspects of sequencing and opening the bodies multi layers.  

Elemental Flow & Restore

Experience a mindful & accessible flow practice. Exploration of specific poses each week to deepen inner alignment while finding both stability and freedom, ending with restorative relaxation & integration.

Mindful Somatics

Combination of Somatic movement and intentional slow flow vinyasa for strengthening.  Class is ideal for students who want to focus on joint stability and nervous system tension release, while increasing body fluidity and calm mindful presence. 


Adaptive Chair Yoga

Yoga is for every BODY!  This well loved class is designed to adapt to the needs of the individuals with injuries, chronic conditions, balance issues, or anyone wanting & needing extra support.   Class can be done entirely in a chair or combination of standing and seated postures with chair support.  


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